Monochromatic Desert

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Experimenting with converting a Photoshop technique to Procreate. In this case, mostly working with clipping masks with the landscape highlights. Palette was built by just tweaking the brightness setting for the base brown that I had chosen for the foreground.


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More Procreate sketching while travelling. This is an island scene that I kind of came up with after a few starts and stops. I'm generally pretty happy with how it came out, so I could see it being one of these "let's draw it again" concepts a few years later.


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A little bit of fun with Procreate while I was flying to Washington earlier this week. I may attempt this again when I getter better at Procreate. :)

Layers of tips for Procreate on the iPad

As I've been spending more time with Procreate on the iPad, I've really started to appreciate just how useful this combination really is. This is especially true as you start to learn some of the tips and tricks that make it really all come together...

Digital Art with the new iPad Pro and Procreate

About a month ago, Apple released the third generation of the iPad Pro, their larger, and more powerful, tablet aimed at a more serious market. This release also introduced the new Pencil with the magnetic wireless charging thus eliminating one of the bigger complaints around the original version.

SketchBox - December is for Watercolour

This month's SketchBox, features a number of items related to watercolour and comes with a half pan of Sennelier Forest Green, a Marabu Graphix Aqua Ink in dark violet, a Winsor & Newton watercolour marker in pale rose, a Daniel Smith dot card with 18 colours, a Princeton Neptune script brush (size 1), a pad of 10 sheets of Legion Stonehenge 140lb cold press, and a Pentel Fiber-tipped Sign Pen.

SketchBox - Marker Fun in November

This month is marker oriented featuring three Copic Markers, the classic kind with the bullet and chisel nibs, in smokey blue, greyish lavender, and frost blue. In addition, we have a SketchBox signature marker in black, a Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen, a Sakura Gelly Roll in white, and a very nice 70lb Copic 50 sheet sketchbook sized 4" x 6".

Drawing on walls

I was in Virginia this week, on a leadership course, and during a break I started doodling with a whiteboard marker on the wall. Fortunately, the wall was painted for this very activity! Nevertheless, who doesn't like drawing on walls? It takes us all back.

On this trip, funny enough, I did actually bring art supplies. Needless to say, they never actually got used, but at least I got a little bit of art in. The group I'm with for these also seemed to like it, there was a concerted effort to avoid anything that would erase it. I think everyone just kind of enjoyed a bit of a distracting visual.

Oh, and the colour cast in this image is a little bit of a lucky timing. There were colour shifting lights pointed at the wall, so I tried to time something that seemed appropriate.

Maybe I should have signed it...

SketchBox - Inktober 2018

It's Inktober so, naturally, this month we have a very ink focused SketchBox shipment.

Inktober - Poison

Prompt #1 was "Poison" and so, well, a somewhat literal translation. I sketched this out on the train into work and then inked it after I got home.