Art Video Spotlight - 7 Habits

Who doesn't like a "# habits of effective something" videos? Well, if you don't, skip on past, but I think this one is worth it. Given at BCON16, Andrew Price talks about the 7 habits of highly effective artists.

SketchBox - September 2018

This month features a trip back to water media, but this time it's preloaded brushes with water-based inks and a few additional goodies.

Vantablack and the Art World

By Surrey NanoSystems (Surrey NanoSystems)
[CC BY-SA 3.0 (],
via Wikimedia Commons
There is black and then there is BLACK. In the art world, there has been many ways to arrive at black, some are mixed, some are pure pigments, but when it comes to being truly black, none of them have reached the light-eating capabilities of Vantablack. Unfortunately, art meets selfishness when it comes to this black...

Art Video Spotlight - PanPastels with Brushes

PanPastels are a really great medium for quickly applying huge amounts of pigment on to a painting, but they do suffer a bit from a couple of challenges: precision details and the longevity of the Sofft tools.

Simplifying Form

YouTube decided to pop a pretty old video on me today and the concept was around turning a figure 8 into a boat and that got me thinking about the whole simplification of form concept.

SketchBox - August 2018

This month brings a selection of pencils, notably a nice little 6 pack set of the new Derwent Lightfast coloured pencils and, as a real bonus for me, a set of 3 Derwent Graphitint pencils.

World Watercolor Month - Day 17: City Life

Missed yesterday, but today's prompt is "City Life" and for that I sought out an image I took quite a while ago and then modified.

World Watercolor Month - Day 14: Sweet Treats

Missed a few days, courtesy of a bit of travel last week, but more because I was out and about, rather than for lack of supplies. In any case, catching back in at Day 14 which features "Sweet Treats" as the prompt.

World Watercolor Month - Day 9: Climbing Mountains

Today is “Climbing Mountains” for World Watercolor Month. wasn’t too sure what to do this one and ultimately went with a simple scene.