Art Video of the Week - Cartoon Hands

This week we do a shallow dive into the world of cartoon hands by one of my favourite Youtubers, Stan Prokopenko of If you haven't watched his videos before, I think you'll find that you'll enjoy the style quite a bit.

End of an Era: Quinacridone Gold

Pigments are an interesting thing, they're not necessarily continuously available and sometimes disappear from the market for a variety of reasons. For example, mummy brown was actually partially comprised from grinding up Egyptian mummies! The pigment eventually disappeared as its contents became known.

Art Video of the Week - Value & Colour

This week we return to Dianne Mize of In The Studio Art Instruction to talk about judging value beyond the black and white scale that so many of us are used to.

Art Haul Week and Sketchbox #4 - September

Well, the supplies keep growing...

My September SketchBox came in on the first day of the month and that's never happened before, it's usually a week or more later! So, pretty pleased that they may have figured out how to speed this up.

Art Video of the Week - Lightfastness & Fugitive Colours

I missed last week while I was on vacation, in Kentucky, to see the total solar eclipse. However, I'm back, and this week I wanted to touch on the subject of lightfastness and fugitive colours as I have been, recently, building a watercolour swatchbook for all of the brands I have that shows name, pigment (when available), lightfastness, and opacity.

Art Haul - Pastels and Paints

Nothing like Amazon Prime to satisfy your art buying urges! Admittedly, this is a dangerous habit, but I really like getting art supplies because it's fun.

Art Video of the Week - Painting Cherries

YouTube is, of course, loaded with tutorials on painting or drawing various food items and some are better than others. These two videos (yep, a bonus video) show two different approaches to the problem and come out with pretty high levels of realism as a result.

Art Haul - Daniel Smith!

I've been wanting to get some Daniel Smith colours for a while now and, since I happened to be near a store I knew carried these, I stopped in today and picked up the Essentials and PrimaTek sets (5ml tubes). For those not in the know, Daniel Smith makes some of the most well-regarded watercolour paints on the market today, creating some really unique colours that nobody else does, especially in the PrimaTek line.

SketchBox #3 - August

This month, the SketchBox arrived with:
  • Two bottles of acrylic ink (cyan and shock yellow light) from Montana (the company, not the state)
  • Two 0.7mm Montana empty markers
  • One 2mm Montana empty marker
  • Derwent Graphik Line Painter (the colour is called "tickled" of all things)
  • Pack of Strathmore Artist Tiles in black (4x4 inch, 30 in the pack)