Time to Art - Flower Vine

So, I prepped up an image for the Copic 3-Colour Challenge for June, but while I'm waiting for the colours to actually arrive, I decided to transfer the image to watercolour paper and paint it.

Time to Art - Stormy Seas

I'm tweaking the elements of the site again this week, this time with a concept around actually doing some art! I did post something like that last week and, similarly, I'm posting a watercolour painting of a stormy sea, complete with steps.

Inktense Painting - Sunset on Desert Cliffs

After taking the doors and roof off of my Jeep and enjoying a nice drive out for lunch, I decided to do a little Inktense painting and kind of capture it as I go...

Tasty Paint - Watercolor Confections

Prima Marketing makes an interesting collection of watercolour paints and it just so happens that I recently acquired the 12 half-pan set of their "Tropicals" selection.

Do it Yourself - The Inktense Travel Set

Derwent Inktense are the what happens when you mix ink with a water soluble binder that you can draw with. It's a very cool product, comes in pencil and block form, and it's the block form that lets you create a watercolour-like travel kit.

SketchBox #12 - Marker Time

My SketchBox arrived wayyyyyyy late this month, trouble with delivery, but arrive it did and loaded with markers...

Quick Doodle - What's Upcoming

No video this week as nothing really jumped at me from YouTube as a must show.

I have a bunch of new art supplies, covering a really large range of mediums, that I plan to do some posts on over the next little while, so stay tuned for that.

Art Video of the Week - The Cone of Vision

This week, Dan Beardshaw shows a technique for perspective drawing that accommodates the cone of vision into the process for increased realism.