Art Haul - Pastels and Paints

Nothing like Amazon Prime to satisfy your art buying urges! Admittedly, this is a dangerous habit, but I really like getting art supplies because it's fun.

Today's delivery brings me the Faber-Castell PITT Pastel Pencils in the full set of 60 along with some nice Daniel Smith watercolours in some really gorgeous colours. So, first the pencils...

This is my first experience with pastels, in any form, and I wanted to get a feel for how they worked in comparison to coloured pencils. Not surprisingly, it's very, very, different. For one, the pastels feel scratchy, they don't have that smooth feeling that the Polychromos line does, but I didn't expect that, I expected that chalky feeling.

The pencils, typical of F-C, are nicely made and feel good in the hand. The ends are coloured to match the lead and generally seem pretty accurate in proper light. I use daylight balanced LED lights in swing arm desk lamps to help with colour accuracy. Blending was easy, I tried both m…

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