World Watercolor Month - Day 17: City Life

Missed yesterday, but today's prompt is "City Life" and for that I sought out an image I took quite a while ago and then modified.

World Watercolor Month - Day 14: Sweet Treats

Missed a few days, courtesy of a bit of travel last week, but more because I was out and about, rather than for lack of supplies. In any case, catching back in at Day 14 which features "Sweet Treats" as the prompt.

World Watercolor Month - Day 9: Climbing Mountains

Today is “Climbing Mountains” for World Watercolor Month. wasn’t too sure what to do this one and ultimately went with a simple scene.

World Watercolor Month - Day 8: Flying Things

Today's World Watercolor Month prompt is "Flying Things." There's a lot of room for this one, but I decided to go really simple with a colourful line and wash paper airplane.

SketchBox - July 2019

The July edition of my monthly SketchBox subscription arrived and this time loaded up with a medium I've wanted to try for a while...

World Watercolor Month - Day 7: Playing Games

Today is "Playing Games" for World Watercolor Month and so I decided todo a stylized tribute, courtesy of a Google image search, to England's 2-0 win in the World Cup today.

World Watercolor Month - Day 6: Simple Things

This one was totally off the cuff... I have no idea how I arrived at this one, but I think I really need some prompts from World Watercolor Month that aim for florals or landscapes! In the meanwhile, today's prompt was "Simple Things."

World Watercolor Month - Day 5: Shades of Blue

With today's prompt of "Shades of Blue," I went for the pun, this time with a bit of a quick line and wash style while watching the rain come down from my porch.