Art Video of the Week - Faces in Proportion

Missed last week, I was on a mini-vacation in San Francisco, but this week we continue on the topic of the human head with a focus on facial features and proportions by Dan Beardshaw.

Art Video of the Week - Coloured Pencil Mistakes

This week Lisa Clough takes us through seven "mistakes" that artists make with coloured pencils. What I like about this video, and Lisa's approach, is that she notes that mistake is only one when you're attempting to get a particular result and do not because of technique. If you like the result, then it's not a mistake.

Art Video of the Week - So you can't draw?

I hear this all the time, people tell me that they can't draw, they don't have the talent for it. I used to say the very same thing. The thing is, drawing is a skill, one that you have to develop over time, but it is one that each of us can learn if we just overcome that initial fear.

Art Candy - JMW Turner

JMW Turner (1775 - 1851) was an English painter and watercolourist whose influence was definitely felt far and wide. So much so, that a Japanese company has named a line of watercolours after him.

Art Video of the Week - Black and White in Watercolour

This week, Deb Watson takes us through the mixing of blacks in watercolour. Of course, you can buy blacks, and I do have some on my palettes, but these are often used for particular purposes rather than as a black in the painting. Why? They tend to be dull and shallow, which is often not what you want.

Art Candy - Thomas Mower Martin

Thomas Mower Martin, 1838 - 1934, was a English-born, Canadian landscape painter whose works covered a variety of media including oils and watercolour.

Art Video of the Week - Oil Painting for Beginners

This week, Florent Farges takes us through some of the essential basics of oil painting, why you should try it, why it is safer than you think and how to handle the paints, thinners, and mediums.