My name? John Cavan. I'm a coder, a software architect, a sometime decent cook, and a pretty decent photographer.

I've always been a huge fan of the visual arts, especially drawing and painting. However, I did very little with them over the years because, well, I figured I wasn't good at it, so why bother?

Well, the answer to that is simple: because it is fun and relaxing. I have no illusions that my efforts will garner international attention, I'm not after that. I am after the simple pleasure of creating something that I enjoy and spending time with a pencil or a brush in my hand. Why not? It's fun and it gives me an outlet for my creative side.

My biggest interests, these days, when it comes to art is with coloured pencil and watercolour (with a few variants).  When it comes to coloured pencil, I really like the precision that it gives and the look you get once you get a few layers into place. For watercolour, it's the "surprises" you get. It's so hard to control, but that's what makes it fun! I also really like the look of that transparent colour on the paper, there's a real luminance to it that other mediums can't really replicate.

Anyways, this is a journey, my wanderings through the world of art as I work on my own skills and talk about the things I uncover.

As for me... I lead a bunch of great software engineering teams at Capital One Canada. We're doing some really interesting work in a really cool shop, so why not have a look at what we have to offer? Visit our Technology Blog to see a bit more.

How do I know we're cool? Well, I was the guy behind the idea we called Gift the Code which brought more than 140 techies together to solve real problems for Toronto-based charities. It was an amazing weekend and a real testament to just what kind of company Capital One is. Stay tuned to that site for future events!